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$7.00 per Person

$8.75 per Person

$10.25 per Person

1 Main Course & 1 Homemade Side 1 Main Course & 2 Homemade Sides 2 Main Courses & 2 Homemade Sides
Includes Free Baked Mostaccioli Includes Free Baked Mostaccioli Includes Free Baked Mostaccioli
Main Course Homemade Salads and Sides
* 3" Sausage & Mixed Peppers * Cheesy Bacon Party Potatoes
* 3" Italian Beef Sandwich & Mixed Peppers * Poppyseed Coleslaw
* Chicken Devon ($1.50 extra per Person) * Italian Pasta Salad
* Spiral Ham ($1.25 extra per Person) * Garden Salad
* Brats w/ Onion & Baked Sauerkraut * Cheesy Hash Brown Potatoes
* Lemon Chicken with Rice * Rice Pilaf
* Fiesta Salad
Minimum 25 guests per package.  Includes Rolls (Ham & Devon not included), Plates, Wrapped Cutlery and Serving Utensils.
Service staff available upon request.  Order in increments of 5 guests.  We also offer sterno racks and sterno set-ups.

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